Arduino library for KT0803-based FM radio transmitter

Elechouse V2.0 FM radio transmitter module

The only one module I’ve bought in AliExpress is Elechouse V2.0 FM radio transmitter module:

Elechouse V2.0 FM radio transmitter module

But unfortunately my module is a bit defective.

It works as I2C device; all registers are available for reading and writing.

Also I can hear the transmitted sound, but this module generates such a terrible noise…


Currently this library has low-level operations with registers and just two high-level functions (setFrequency and mute).

Maybe I’ll resume work on it when I have time and proper KT0803-based devices.

Quick start

  1. Download XantoI2C library: XantoI2C-master.zip
  2. Download XantoKT0803 library: XantoKT0803-master.zip
  3. Install these libraries (for example, via Arduino IDE: Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library…)
  4. Use it



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